Help Corey get her presents in


How To Play

Corey's Christmas Dash is a retro, 'runner' game. Corey will always be running to the right. Press the Down arrow (or tap the screen on a mobile device) to invert gravity and help Corey avoid obstacles and grab her Christmas gifts!
The game gets harder the further you go. If you complete all the levels, you'll start back at the beginning with your score intact. Please share your score on Facebook! If you do, your highest score will be added to the leaderboard here!
OH! Here's a few tips. You can invert gravity in mid-air. This could prove useful in getting past difficult areas. Also, if you get stuck on a wall or barrel, the game speed will slow down so you can catch up. Use this to change the time you encounter obstacles.


Jon Balenski63
Corey Elton21
Joe Annoreno11
Angie Annoreno6
Cara Plummer McPherson5
Jon West (developer)171